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St. Pius X offers many opportunities for parents to be involved in their child’s education. Parents are invited to aid the classroom teacher, assist with hot lunch, help in the library, supervise during recess times, accompany children on field trips, and participate in various school activities.


Parents are always welcome at our monthly Masses and invited to many activities during the school year, some of which include:

Please note that events and calendar days are subject to change as per the progression of the current COVID-19 situation,


September: Back to School Barbeque, Curriculum Overview Night
October: Thanksgiving Day Celebration
November: All Saints’ Day Parade, Remembrance Day Celebration, Parent/Teacher Conferences, Craft Fair
December: Advent Assembly, Christmas Concert
January: Primary Speech Arts Festival
February: Grandparents Mass, Shrove Tuesday, Variety Show
March: Lenten Paraliturgies, Carnaval de Quebec, Stations of the Cross
April: Holy Thursday Passion Play, Intermediate Speech Arts
May: Kindergarten Orientation, Appreciation Tea and Living Rosary, Choral Concert, Band Concert, Spring Social, Spring Fair
June : Sports Day, Graduation, Year-End Assembly


5th School Begins (8:50am – 11:00 am)

11th Run-a-Thon Pledge forms out

12th Kindergarten Families Potluck and Play 5:30 p.m.

14th Meet the Teacher/Curriculum Night 7:00 p.m. (all families)

14th First Friday Mass

20th Noon Dismissal Day

22nd Back to School BBQ

25th-29th Run-a-Thon

*Please note that the above dates are subject to change.

2nd Truth and Reconciliation Day-School Closed

4th CISVA Cross Country Championships

6th First Friday Mass

9th Thanksgiving: School Closed

16th Run-a-Thon Pledges Due

18th Noon Dismissal Day

20th Professional Day: School Closed

*Please note that the above dates are subject to change.

1st All Saints Day Celebration

2nd Individual Photos and Class Photo Day

3rd First Friday Mass

10th Remembrance Day Assembly

13th Observance of Remembrance Day: School Closed

15th Noon Dismissal Day

19th Christmas Craft Fair

19th-23rd Book Fair

23rd CSL Interims Out

24th Professional Day: School Closed

29th Photo Retakes

*Please note that the above dates are subject to change.

1st Parent Teacher Conferences (8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.)

14th Christmas Concert (1:00 p.m. & 7:00 p.m.)

15th PJ Day

22nd School Closes for Christmas: Noon Dismissal

25th-Jan 7th Christmas Break: School Closed

*Please note that the above dates are subject to change.

8th School Reopens 8:50 a.m.

12th First Friday Mass

19th Professional Day: School Closed

22nd-26th Primary Speech Arts

25th Ready, Set, Learn: New K Families (invitation only)

29th Open House 9:00-2:00 pm

*Please note that the above dates are subject to change.

2nd  First Friday Mass 

13th Shrove Tuesday

14th Ash Wednesday Mass

15th & 16th Catholic Educators Conference: School Closed

19th Family Day: School Closed

23rd Grade 3 Outdoor School 

28th Pink Day

*Please note that the above dates are subject to change.

1st Grandparents Mass

1st CSL Reports Out

6th AGM 7:00 pm (Mandatory Attendance)

8th Carnaval: Noon Dismissal

11th-22nd Spring Break: School Closed

25th School Reopens at 8:50 a.m.

28th Holy Thursday: Noon Dismissal

29th Good Friday: School Closed

31st Easter Sunday

*Please note that the above dates are subject to change.

1st Easter Monday: School Closed

5th Student Led Conferences 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. 

17th Noon Dismissal Day

22nd-26th Intermediate Speech Arts

*Please note that the above dates are subject to change.

1st HCA Mass 

3rd First Friday Mass

5th First Holy Communion

11th Spring Fair

14th Kindergarten Orientation 

17th Professional Day: School Closed

24th Living Rosary & Volunteer Tea

29th CISVA Track & Field Championships

*Please note that the above dates are subject to change.

5th CISVA Track & Field Championships

6th Performing Arts Evening 7:00 p.m.

7th Professional Day: School Closed

14th Sports Day: Noon Dismissal 

19th Kindergarten Graduation 

21st Graduation Mass & Reception (Noon Dismissal)

21st Looking Ahead Day

26th Last Day of School: Noon Dismissal

*Please note that the above dates are subject to change.Per

Parents of St. Pius X

Part of what makes the learning environment at St. Pius so unique is how parents can become involved and volunteer in their child’s classroom. Working together, parents and teachers create an environment of safety, respect, and mutual trust so that each child can attain their full potential – spiritually, academically, and physically.

If being involved in your child’s education appeals to you, there are lots of opportunities as a St. Pius parent! You are invited to assist with and read in your child’s classroom, assist with hot lunches, help in the library, supervise during recess times, accompany children on field trips, and participate in our school activities. Parents are also invited to join the Parent Standing Committee to deepen their relationship with our community and take a more active role in contributing to the wonderful sense of belonging our school has become known for.

Parents whose children are returning to St. Pius X are to attend a mandatory Annual General Meeting held in March in the school gym at which time the re-registration packages are distributed for the upcoming school year. Kindergarten and prospective new parents for all grades are asked to contact the school office for further information.

Click here for a virtual tour of our school.

*At this time we do not accept International Students.

Preliminary Application Form

Please notify the school by 9am if your child will be absent that day.

    will be absent from school today


    For a comprehensive overview of our school’s policies, please download our parent manual for more information.


    The Parent Standing Committee (P.S.C.) is a committee composed of parents, welcomed by the pastor, the education committee and the school principal, who are capable, willing and available to serve in an auxiliary capacity to the school.

    The P.S.C. provides a variety of opportunities for parents to further develop a partnership with the school community, to meet other parents, and to share in the responsibility for our cocurricular, extracurricular and social functions for success. Meetings are held once a month on Wednesday.

    The committee is responsible for, among other things:

    • the scheduling of yard duty and work activity volunteers;
    • the recruitment and scheduling of concessionaires for sports tournaments, as well as the purchase of supplies;
    • organizing the school’s social functions;
    • assisting with fundraising activities;
    • operation of the lost and found; and
    • the annual celebrations of First Holy Communion, Reconciliation, Confirmation and Graduation.


    St. Pius X School is fortunate not to have mandatory volunteer hours as so many other schools have. It is due to the commitment of the many parents who share their time, talents and resources that this legacy continues.


    One of the wonderful benefits the kids and us as parents enjoyed about our years from St. Pius X is the sense of community. All the teachers get to know your child whether they are in their grade or not. Through the encouragement from faculty and staff, both my kids got involved in all extracurricular activities and explored a variety of interests to see if they wanted to continue them later in high school.

    We will always look back at those years with such fond memories and great experiences. Absolutely no regrets in that I chose SPX for my kids and my family!

    -Lisa Cratchley



    Our Hot Lunch program is available to students in grades K-7. A variety of healthy alternatives are offered from our suppliers.

    First-time users

    Step 1: Register family account (easy, 30 seconds). Click Here to register.

    First-time users must create an account. After registering, you will be taken to the My Children page to add children to your family account.

    Step 2: Order Lunch!

    Click Order Lunch!, select your child’s name, and press the “next” button. You will be shown the available menus (just click “next”). Select lunch items from the menu options for each lunch day (note: if you wish to skip a day, just click “next menu” without adding any food items). At the end of ordering, you can “select another child” and repeat the steps for each of your children.

    Step 3: Payment

    Send your total payment in the form of a cheque made out to St. Pius X Fundraising.

    Please note your order number on the cheque.

    Step 4: Volunteer

    If you’re interested in helping out at one or more of the lunch days please contact school office.

    You can log in to your account at anytime here.

    If you have ordered through “Munch-a-lunch” in the past, please ensure your child’s grade is updated.

    Simply click Account Balance to view your child’s orders, reprint your receipt, or view any outstanding balance.


    Students attending St. Pius X Elementary School are expected and required to wear the school uniform to school, while at school and when going home from school each day. Cleanliness and proper dress are important in setting the pattern of school and social conduct, thereby fostering an environment conducive to learning and respectful behaviour. School uniforms are provided by our uniform supplier, Cambridge and Company, and are to be purchased at the store or through used uniform sales conducted periodically at the school. Non-uniform days are held monthly throughout the school year, usually as fundraisers for various charities. Girls and boys can wear an optional Spring uniform in the months from May to October.

    Dark green v-neck St. Pius X sweater

    White oxford cloth monogrammed shirt

    St. Pius X plaid kilt

    Navy blue knee high socks

    Black dress shoes

    St. Pius X Grey Polo Shirt with monogram

    St. Pius Blue Skort

    Blue Socks

    Black Shoes

    Dark green v-neck St. Pius X sweater

    White oxford cloth monogrammed shirt

    Navy blue dress pants

    Navy blue dress socks

    Black dress shoes

    St. Pius X Grey Polo Shirt with monogram

    St. Pius Blue Short

    Blue Socks

    Black Shoes

    Grey St. Pius X t-shirt

    Navy blue St. Pius X shorts

    White athletic sport socks

    Running shoes (non-marking soles)

    Black Duffle St. Pius X gym bag

    Cambridge and Company

    #112-2455 Dollarton Hwy, North Vancouver, BC 604.924.906