Welcome & Principal’s Message

Welcome to St. Pius X Elementary School!  We are a vibrant faith and learning community committed to developing the full potential of each child by providing an enduring education that reflects the essence of Catholic traditions.

Our students are provided with an outstanding academic program, a strong foundation in the Catholic faith, excellent cocurricular and extracurricular activities and service initiatives that span both locally and globally. Our school code of “Reverence, Respect and Responsibility” permeates throughout.

St. Pius X is blessed with caring and dedicated educators committed to providing enriching opportunities, assisting and inspiring students to become lifelong learners. Parents are active partners in the school and there is a wonderful sense of belonging and community.

For more than 20 years, St. Pius X School has been setting a high standard for Catholic education on the North Shore. We are proud to provide an outstanding educational opportunity for our students in a nurturing, faith-embedded community. We look forward to sharing this experience with you and your family.

Miss C. Francis

About St. Pius X


St. Pius X Elementary is a vibrant, supportive, faith-based community that has something to offer every child. Our community of teachers, parents, and priests support our students’ holistic development in helping them become Christian leaders, responsible citizens, and lifelong learners. Using Christ as our centre, we encourage our students to live a life based on empathy and understanding of others. Our extensive cocurricular and extracurricular offerings, along with our high academic standards, have made us the school of choice for Catholic families in the Seymour/Deep Cove community since 1996.


Reverence, Respect, and Responsibility

Our code of Reverence, Respect, and Responsibility informs everything that we do. We support each child by nurturing their compassion and reverence for all that is good, while instilling a sense of respect for themselves, for others, and for the wider world. Our learning environment works by establishing high expectations and the strong moral foundation helping each child to thrive. By encouraging students to work hard, make good choices, and follow the school code, we hope to create a more compassionate world by developing the next generation of inspired leaders.

Traditional Values for the Modern World

Graduates of St. Pius are uniquely positioned to navigate the modern world with poise and grace. Through living out the school code, participating in the Catholic traditions, while establishing strong academic foundations through the traditional 3R’s (of reading, writing, and arithmetic), St. Pius graduates evolve into highly disciplined and engaged learners prepared to navigate the next chapter of their lives with great success. Our holistic approach to learning, paired with our commitment to developing the whole child, means that at St. Pius, students not only excel academically but can rise to the occasion in their own lives, becoming accountable, responsible citizens and active members of their community.

Enriched Community & Learning Environment

As a supportive, faith-based community, we have something to offer every child. With French instruction and extracurricular programs starting in kindergarten, and small class sizes too, your child can learn in a fully resourced environment with everything they need to succeed. Parents and extended family are also encouraged to participate in their children’s education. By either volunteering in their child’s classroom or getting involved in the Parent Standing Committee, parents can take an active role in their child’s school life at St. Pius X.

History of St. Pius X & Alumni

For many years, it was a priority of St. Pius X Parish to open an elementary school to offer Catholic education on the eastern side of the North Shore.

St. Pius X Parish finally achieved this objective in September 1996, when St. Pius X Elementary School opened its doors to kindergarten and grade one students in two temporary structures. Monsignor Pedro Lopez-Gallo, the Pastor at the time, was the driving force behind opening the school, and instrumental in its coming into being.

The existing permanent structure was completed in September 1997, in time for the commencement of the school’s second year. The school has grown steadily since then, and as its students have grown older, the activities offered have increased.

In the spring of 1998 the school established the North Shore Catholic Schools Speech Arts Festival, which has since been held every year. The 1998-1999 school year saw the school compete in its first inter-school athletic competitions. The summer of 1999 saw the installation of the school’s computer lab. Technical additions have continued steadily. Today each classroom is outfitted with an LCD projector, and the students have access to classroom sets of Chromebooks, iPads and laptops.

Although relatively young in age, St. Pius X Elementary School has already established a rich history as an outstanding faith and learning community. This is due mainly to the direction of Monsignor Pedro Lopez-Gallo, the guidance of the Education Committee and the dedication and enthusiasm of parents, staff and students of the school.

Former pastor of St. Pius X, Father John Horgan,  offers this insight into the Saint himself:

Our Parish and our School are dedicated to Pope St. Pius X, who died a little over a hundred years ago. He is considered one of the most beloved Popes in modern times, and a man particularly devoted to children and their place in the Church. He was also the first Pope in the 20th century to come from a working poor family and to rise up to every level of priestly service – from curate to pastor, from canon to bishop, and finally from cardinal to Pope. He was simple, good-hearted and approachable. Many of the endearing qualities that people note in Pope Francis or St. John Paul II were first identified in Pius X… read more


St. Pius X School is a place where students excel both inside and outside of the classroom. Academically, the teachers create an atmosphere for learning that is challenging, stimulating and creative. Outside of the classroom, students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities. I remember participating in cross country running, volleyball, basketball, track and field, choir and the speech arts festival all in the same year. The result was the development of teamwork skills, healthy habits and a true sense of pride for my school community. St. Pius is a place where everyone knows your name when you go to school and where kids grow up to be ambitious, intelligent and mentally strong. It was the foundation for my academic journey that has ultimately led me to practice medicine. I look back at my time at St. Pius with fond memories and gratitude.
– Ola Okbza (Graduate 2006)

My experience at St. Pius X Elementary School has equipped me with lasting positive outcomes since my time there. I was provided with the tools for academic excellence and development of emotional intelligence. Most importantly, I formed long lasting and meaningful friendships that I cherish to this day.
– Dr. Richelle C.

Faculty & Staff



Miss Francis



Mrs. Gabriele



Ms. Barrett

Grade One

Mme-Michelle-Byrne-Grade 2 Teacher@2x

Mme. Byrne

Grade Two


Ms. Lamprycht

Grade Three


Ms. Onak

Grade Four


Mr. Luongo

Grade Five


Mr. Horner

Grade Six


Ms. Corrado

Grade Seven


Mrs. Lung

Vice-Principal Learning Resource


Mrs. Brassington

Learning Resource


Mrs. Sorochan

Learning Resource

Dr. Gina Oh French Teacher@2x

Dr. Gina Oh

French, Music K-2

Watson, Samatha 2023

Miss Watson

Grades 3 - 5 Music


Dr. Milosevic

Grades 6 & 7 Music


Mr. Hurst

P.E. Teacher

Mrs.-Kathy-Fischer-Teacher Librarian@2x

Mrs. Fischer


Education Assistants & Office Staff

Mrs. Elisabeth Iuele Education Assistant@2x

Mrs. Iuele

Education Assistant

Mrs. Monica Altamirano Education Assistant@2x

Mrs. Altamirano

Education Assistant


Ms. Middleton-Guzzo

Education Assistant

Mrs. Rowena Westlake Education Assistant@2x

Mrs. Westlake

Education Assistant


Ms. Ngai

Education Assistant


Mr. Iuele

Education Assistant


Mrs. Velasquez

Education Assistant


Miss Prescott

Education Assistant


Miss Delli Santi

Education Assistant


Mrs. Revel


Ann Stewart

Mrs. Stewart


Parish Education Committee

The Parish Education Committee is comprised of the Pastor and seven members from the Parish, five elected and two appointed by the Pastor, whose role it is to assist the Principal and the Pastor in the running of the school.

The Parish Education Committee’s responsibilities include:

St. Pius X Parish Education Committee for 2023/2024 is:

Pastor: Father Jeff Thompson

Chairperson: Andrea Giustino

Vice-Chairperson: Suzanne Maybury

Treasurer: Diana Garbutt

Maintenance Coordinator: Stephanie D’Avellar

Parish Council Representatives & CISVA Delegate: Tyler Davis

Secretary: Vivian Bopp

PSC Liason: Rosy Geiger