Criteria for Admission to Saint Pius X School 

Category I:    Children of Participating Catholics at Saint Pius X Parish

a)    Faithfully practicing Catholics in the Parish.

b)    Registered as Saint Pius X as Parishioners.

c)    Contributing financially toward the parish through the use of Sunday envelopes.

d)    Participating in the total life of the parish and/or school as fully as possible.

e)    Applicants must have one year financial record with the Saint Pius X Parish.

New parishioners who cannot meet criteria (e) prior to application should submit a letter of recommendation from the Pastor of their last parish. 


Category II:   Children of Participating Catholics from other Parishes

 a)    Newly registered families with less than one year of history with the Parish.


Category III:  Children of New Parishioners, Non-Participating Catholics & Non-Catholics

a)    Children of Non-Participating Catholics from Saint Pius X Parish.

(Non-participating means deficiencies in the definition under I)

c)     Children of Non-Participating Catholics from other Parishes.

(Non-participating means deficiencies in the definition under I, substituting your Parish name.)

d)    Children of non-Catholic families



2018-2019 Fee Structure

 School Application-Registration Fee: $100.00 Per Student or $175 Per Family



Annual Curriculum Fee: per child per grade

Kindergarten: $130.00                                                                   

Grade 1: $135.00                                                                    

Grade 2 – Grade 7: $155.00

Grade 3 Outdoor Education Fee $90.00

Grade 7 (Outdoor Education Fee) $450 ($45/Month or 1 x $450)


Tuition Rates:                             


Category I

Participating Catholic

Saint Pius X Parish

Category II

Participating Catholic

Other Parishes

Category III

Non -Participating Catholic

Non – Catholic


One child














Two or more children