Parent Standing Committee

The Parents Standing Committee (P.S.C) is a committee composed of parents, welcomed by the Pastor, the Education Committee and the School principal, who are capable, willing and available to serve in an auxiliary capacity to the School.
The P.S.C. provides a variety of opportunities for parents to further develop a partnership with the school community, to meet other parents and to share in the responsibility for our co-curricular, extra-curricular and social functions for success. Meetings are held once a month on Wednesday mornings.
The Committee is responsible for, among other things:
  • the scheduling of yard duty and work activity volunteers;
  • the recruitment and scheduling of concessionaires for sports tournaments, as well as the purchase of supplies;
  • organizing the School's social functions;
  • assisting with fund raising activities;
  • operation of the lost and found; and
  • the annual celebrations of First Holy Communion, Reconciliation, Confirmation and Graduation.
St. Pius X School is fortunate not to have mandatory volunteer hours as so many other schools have. It is due to the commitment of the many parents who share their time, talents and resources that this legacy continues.