Parish Education Committee

The Parish Education Committee is comprised of the Pastor and seven members from the Parish, five elected and two appointed by the Pastor, whose role it is to assist the Principal and the Pastor in the running of the school.

The Parish Education Committee’s responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring the Policies and Guidelines of the CISVA are followed.

  • The preparation and management of the school’s operational and maintenance budget.

  • The keeping of books and records for the purpose of claiming government grants.

  • The hiring of staff through liaison with the Superintendent’s Office of the CISVA and in consultation with the Principal.

  • The collection of tuition fees which are set in accordance with the CISVA guidelines.

  • The maintenance of the school buildings and execution of capital improvement projects.

  • The security of sensitive and confidential matters.

  • Long-term strategic planning.

Members are elected to serve for overlapping two year terms; one position is appointed by the Pastor.


Saint Pius X Parish Education Committee for 2016/17 is:

Pastor:                                                                    Father John Horgan
Chairperson                                                              Michelle Kenny
Vice-Chairperson:                                                     Ann Stewart

Treasurer:                                                                 Mike Kennedy

Secretary:                                                                Curt Walker
Maintenance Coordinator:                                           Albert Aiello
PSC Representative:                                                 Andrea Giustino

Parish Council Representatives & CISVA Delegate:     Fabio Altomare