History of Saint Pius X


For many years, it was a priority of Saint Pius X Parish to open an elementary school to offer Catholic education on the eastern side of the North Shore.

Saint Pius X finally achieved this objective in September 1996, when Saint Pius X Elementary School opened its doors to Kindergarten and Grade One students in two temporary structures. Monsignor Pedro Lopez-Gallo, the Pastor at the time, was the driving force behind opening the school, and instrumental in its coming into being.

The existing permanent structure was completed in September 1997, in time for the commencement of the school's second year. The school has grown steadily since then, and as its students have grown older the activities offered have increased.

In the spring of 1998 the school established the North Shore Catholic Schools Speech Arts Festival, which has since been held every year. The 1998-1999 school year saw the school compete in its first interschool athletic competitions. The summer of 1999 saw the installation of the school's computer lab. Technical additions have continued steadily. Today each classroom is outfitted with an LCD projector with Wi Fi access. The students have access to classroom sets of MacBook lap tops and ipad tablets.

Although relatively young in age, Saint Pius X Elementary School has already established a rich history and built a reputation as an outstanding faith and learning community.  This is due mainly because of the direction of Monsignor Pedro Lopez-Gallo, the guidance of the Education Committee and the dedication and enthusiasm of parents, staff and students of the school.